We can’t take care of our families, if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Click on the links provided below to get the latest information on your breast health. Breast cancer doesn’t only affect women, but men as well. Please check the links below listed under “Our Men” to learn more. We are here to provide resources that will help you gain knowledge and empowerment. Together we win!



• Baylor Health website has some great links and specific details on local support groups and specialty services.

• The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an organization that provides details on research currently being done and you can read details from the researchers who received grants.

• The Mayo Clinic site offers great insight on health and the importance of exercise.

• Baylor Health is also a great place to look up physicians/oncologists. Begin your search by looking under patient navigation.

• Cancer topics and facts are provided at the site.

• Another government site that lists resources for understanding cancer prevention and risks.

• The Breast Cancer Site helps to fund mammograms for those who cannot afford them, by simply going to the site and clicking on the “Free Mammograms” button.

Ambry Genetics is at the forefront of additional genetics testing for specific mutations.

Myriad Genetics was the first major company to test for genetic links between specific types of cancers.



There is a small percentage of men who are diagnosed with breast cancer. While it is not discussed consistently in the media, we want to provide some resources for the men in our lives and our community. See some links below regarding Male Breast Cancer – awareness, answers to questions you may have and general information which may be helpful:

• Go to this site on male breast cancer awareness.

• This link is to a specific organization dedicated to helping men facing breast cancer.
The Cancer Treatment Centers has a site that helps to list different breast cancer types that affect men.


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