Breast cancer does not discriminate! While most of our family members: husbands, boyfriends, parents or children are the immediate care givers, there are a small percentage of men diagnosed with breast cancer. For them, the struggle may be completely different and more involved.

Surviving breast cancer made me very aware that I did not want to lose this fight. It is a fight with a worthy adversary because it moves and hides and its only job IS. TO. GROW. Take away the opportunity for growth and you lower your risk and lower the possibility of a diagnosis or recurrence.

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 30Walk is proud to sponsor funding of breast cancer research at our bi-annual events.

April and October events raise funds for the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which funds specific research and scientists working diligently to find a cure.

 To all the men and families who provide support through breast cancer surgery and treatment: “THANK YOU” – from us survivors.



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