Our Girls

30WALK Pinkie Promise organizes a group of tween girls during our Annual Health Fair to create cards and notes that offer encouragement and hope for recently diagnosed breast cancer patients. This group, called Girls’ Hope, was created by my daughter, Sophie. From there, Sophie imagined a world where anyone who was recently diagnosed would get an immediate sign of hope.Girls’ Hope brings words of encouragement and support when given a diagnosis of breast cancer.

We are committed to walking in our community & challenging participants to lower their risk by increasing physical activity.  We encourage & support lowering the risk for our daughters & achieving better health in the generations to come! Here’s to your good health!

Our girls hold within them the substance of dreams and a belief that all things are possible. We try to harness that bravery and positive reassurance every moment we are fighting.

Sophie felt that this would be a way for other girls and her to reach out to those in our community and let them know they are not alone. Our girls throughout our community are offering support and encouragement.

Encourage • Lead • Educate

In the spirit of community and lowering your risk, we need to take the initiative with our daughters to encourage healthy conversations about their bodies as they grow and mature. Plan a time to discuss with your doctor what a monthly self exam involves, read over material together and encourage self-awareness and independence. If there are any notable changes or physical pain, encourage her to come to you first and share those concerns with you as her parent. They will then follow your lead as you help them understand and care for their bodies.

iStock_000002746625XSmallResearchers believe that it is the consumption of antioxidant-like phytonutrients in fruit, such as flavonoids, especially one in particular called quercetin, reduces the risk of cancer and heart attacks. This provides an explanation for the healthful effect of fruits and vegetables, particularly apples. This was supported by epidemiologists who found that a flavonoid-rich diet was linked with a reduced risk of developing cancer.
A study of 9,959 cancer-free men and women in Finland showed that those who regularly ate the most flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables were 20 per cent less likely to develop cancer.

Eat a Rainbow Every Meal!

It is a great way to remember that a rainbow of colors not only makes the world a better place but also makes life a little sweeter! What’s on your plate?


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