30 Walk’s Pinkie Promise

30WALK focuses on our community of families and encouraging at least 30 minutes of activity every day.


Our Mission Statement

30WALK ‘s Pinkie Promise30WALK ‘s Pinkie Promise actively champions healthy lifestyle choices and adding exercise opportunities in our community encouraging 30 minutes of exercise/ activity every day.  30WALK© Pinkie Promise is committed to: providing activities and health education for moms and daughters; aggressively champion learning opportunities to help lower our risk for diseases, including cancer, for ourselves, children and families of all walks of life to help find a cure for breast cancer – so our children won’t have to.


30WALK’s Pinkie Promise creates 2 events each year in our community (April Spring Walk / October Health Fair) 4 mile walk and Health Fair for families to participate with guest speakers who educate about cancer, heredity risks, psychological and social awareness to help women who are in treatment and children / families in their support efforts. Proceeds from events are donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

30WALK’s Pinkie Promise focuses on educating parents and young girls (age 8-18) about breast cancer risks during 30WALK events.  Future goals are to bring mothers and daughters together for unique events throughout the year to encourage communication about health opportunities.

30WALK’s Pinkie Promise organizes monthly training walks within the community (weather permitting), and provides a schedule of activities prior to each event.

We partner with women and families in our community to raise awareness how important an active lifestyle is in lowering our risk as well as offer challenges to eat better, take better care of ourselves and our families, lower our weight and fat intake, find those products that are natural and healthier with fewer chemicals that could be harmful biologically and share the adventures of our days with those we love.   Adventure is alluring, intriguing and keeps you focused on the life you want to live. Best advice: live each day as the adventure it is – filled with Aha moments, kindnesses, family, activity, laughter, the nature and neighborhoods around us and love. After all, life is truly a love story.  And it is always one that must be shared! Please contact Karlie Saumier  if you would like to join us for an upcoming walking event, health fair (as a participant or health fair vendor) or donate directly to help us continue our work in the North Texas community.



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